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Our Activities

USAID’s REC Project undertakes a range of trade facilitation activities in the region:
  • Build and Support Export Partnership Groups (EPG). REC continues to build and reinforce EPGs and cultivate new groups assisting Central Asian firms to increase their exports. To date, REC has organized EPGs focused on organic farming products, textiles, supply of goods/services to the U.S. Department of Defense in Afghanistan, export of goods to the Customs Union, carpet making, and export of fruits/vegetables from Uzbekistan.


  • Evaluating the export potential of businesses and industries through market research. REC provides technical assistance to exporters from Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan by conducting targeted market research on prospective markets. REC addresses export capacity shortcomings, identifies formal and informal barriers to trade, and proposes solutions.


  • Supporting Women’s Economic Symposium (WES) follow-on activities. Through its grant activities, REC supports women by enhancing their skills and knowledge, building their capacity, and establishing business and economic links among the women-entrepreneurs of Central and South Asia.


  • Helping Central Asian countries implement pro-trade policies, regulations, and processes. REC continues to consult with regional stakeholders to identify the chief obstacles to transport corridor performance improvement and organize trainings and roundtables to mitigate them.


  • Holding the Central Asian Trade Forum (CATF) annually. CATF is a key platform to forge vital trade linkages, establish direct business contacts, facilitate cross-border trade, expand export capacity, increase competitive advantage, analyze the rapidly changing trade environment in Central Asia, and conclude trade deals.In October 2015, REC held the Fifth CATF, and is planning the sixth CATF for September 2016.

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