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Consultancy and research for exporters


Experts will discuss the role of consultancy in solving foreign trade challenges.
The agenda of the Trade Forum includes a special session on consultancy and research for exporters, to be organized by the Consortium of consulting and research organizations (Consortium) with support of the EBRD Small Business Support Program (SBS).
In the run-up to the Trade Forum Alexander Ruzanov, President of the Consortium shared his vision how good consultancy may help to solve foreign trade challenges faced by exporters:
 “From my standpoint, the role of consultancy and research in the success of export business is underestimated.  Our session will demonstrate to exporters how consultancy and research may enhance business efficiency. This will not be pure theory.  We have selected speakers and experts who have real work experience exporting goods and services. There will be case studies with participation of the Forum participants.
The session will be held in an interactive format of facilitated group discussion, -continued Alexander Ruzanov,- in other words participants together with experts will identify the most important issues and challenges and by the end of the session they will come up with the decisions to solve those issues and challenges. I am sure no one will get bored at our session!
We are grateful to our partners- USAID and EBRD, as the Trade Forum is a platform that allows gathering together very serious and interested market players at a time in one place,”-said Alexander Ruzanov.

Alma Kassymova, Kazakhstan National Manager of the EBRD SBS Program notes: «When implementing efficient consultancy projects the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development is a liaison between entrepreneurs and consultants.  We cooperate with more than 250 consultants in Kazakhstan and offer the local consultancy market lots of opportunities for professional enhancement. For export-oriented enterprises we offer consulting services of international experts, who may assist companies to evaluate their export readiness, identify target markets and develop export strategies based on industry specifics. The Trade Forum is an efficient marketplace to access professional consultations and recommendations for export capacity development”.