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Seminar on Supplying to US Department of Defense in Afghanistan



USAID Regional Economic Cooperation Project in partnership with American Chamber of Commerce in Uzbekistan will hold a seminar “Supplying to US Department of Defense in Afghanistan”. The event will be held on December 13, in Tashkent, Miran Hotel. The seminar will be organized as part of the Export Partnership Initiative, which was launched by USAID in 2011.
Participants of the seminar will be Uzbek and Kazakh businesses, including member-companies of the Export Partnership Group on Supplying to DOD in Afghanistan.  The keynote speakers will be representatives of US DOD (C-JTSCC, DLA TS), KAZNEX INVEST, and Prime Vendors. The participants of the seminar will learn the procedures and requirements for supplying to DOD, procedures for supplying humanitarian goods; also they will share the best practices on making deals on supplying goods to DOD in Afghanistan.