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Training on export and methods for entering the Customs Union markets


USAID’s Regional Economic Cooperation Project (REC) in partnership with USAID’s Productive Agriculture Project is organizing a two-day training course on export and methods for entering the Customs Union markets for potential exporters of agricultural products from Kurgan Tube and Khatlon area (Tajikistan). The seminar will be held on February 27-28 in Kurgan Tube. The main goal of the training seminar is to assist Tajik farmers to develop export of their products to the Customs Union countries.  The event coincides with the International Agro Expo, Khatlon 2013. 
The training program includes issues regarding legislation of the Customs Union, sanitary control, common sanitary, epidemiology and hygiene requirements to goods, phito- sanitary control, certification, as well as practical issues on the structure of the Russian market, Tajikistan’s membership in WTO and others.
The keynote trainers and speakers at the training seminar will be Dmitry Kuznetsov, Trade expert, (Moscow/Russia), Sabirjan Jangozin, Customs expert, (Almaty/Kazakhstan), and Jovan Jekic, WTO expert and Adviser to the Minister of Economic Development and Trade of  Tajikistan (USAID/REC- Dushanbe/Tajikistan).