News and Events

News and Events

Top managers of more than sixty Kyrgyz companies producing textile and food products and chief executives of more than twenty Kazakh trading companies (importers) will take part in a business matchmaking conference to be held in Bishkek on March 12-13, 2014.

11 марта 2014
USAID facilitates networking of Afghan, Kazakh and Uzbek entrepreneurs
More than twenty Uzbek companies and associations, more than fifteen Kazakh companies and associations, and more than one hundred Afghan businesses will participate in Business-to-Business meetings in Mazar-i-Sharif, Afghanistan on February 24-25, 2014.

21 февраля 2014
REC's grantee exhibits craft items from Fergana Valley Collection in Washington, DC- February 7, 2014
The grant project on advancing women’s economic opportunities in Fergana valley via improvement of quality of Central Asian handicraft products is being implemented by RCE KG and was made possible with the generous support of the American People received through USAID Regional Economic Cooperation Project.

12 февраля 2014
Innovations in the development of transportation and logistics enterprises in Uzbekistan
Top managers and employees of Uzbek transportation and logistics enterprises, warehouse terminals, logistics and transportation departments of production companies, as well as exporting and importing companies will get together in Tashkent on February 17, 2014 to take part in a three-day training seminar “Principles and benefits of implementing quality management system ISO 9001: 2008.”

10 февраля 2014
Round Table on Improving International Ranking of Uzbekistan on Doing Business
More than forty representatives of ministries and agencies, international organizations and businesses of Uzbekistan will get together on January 30, 2014 in Tashkent to participate in the Round Table on improving Uzbekistan’s rating on Doing Business. The organizer of the Forum is the Chamber of Industry and Commerce of Uzbekistan in partnership with the USAID’s Regional Economic Cooperation Project.

27 января 2014
USAID supports the development of organic agriculture in Uzbekistan
More than thirty farmers of the Khorezm province will take part in the training seminar “Organic agriculture development and organic certification in Uzbekistan”. The seminar will be held in Urgench on January 28-29, 2014. The event is organized by the Agro Information Innovation Center of Uzbekistan in partnership with the USAID Regional Economic Cooperation (REC) Project.

23 января 2014
Round Table on Development of Transportation and Logistics in Central Asia and Afghanistan
Round Table on development of transportation and logistics in Central Asia and Afghanistan will be held on December 3 in Tashkent. The event is organized by the Agro Information Innovation Center of Uzbekistan in partnership with the USAID Regional Economic Cooperation (REC) Project.

28 ноября 2013
Round table "How to increase trade between Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan and Afghanistan".
More than fifty representatives of state bodies, business associations, trade promotion organizations, and representatives of businesses from Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan and Afghanistan will gather together on November 7, 2013 in Termez (Uzbekistan) to discuss how to increase trade between Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan and Afghanistan.

04 ноября 2013
Almaty hosts III Central Asian Trade Forum-
III Central Asian Trade forum is held in Rixos Almaty Hotel, in Almaty, The goal of the Forum is to contribute to strengthening Central Asian countries export competitiveness, organizers of the Forum informed at the briefing.

11 октября 2013
More than 300 people including lead experts, opinion shapers, top managers from state bodies and businesses, representatives of international organizations, and leaders of diplomatic missions will discuss trade policy and Central Asia’s role in the global economy as part of the largest trade forum in Central Asia.

09 октября 2013
Foreign trade of Kazakhstan- Kazakh TV
As of July 1, the bulk volume of foreign trade of the Customs Union and the Common Economic Space member-states with third countries was estimated at almost 370 billion US dollars and dropped by 3.4% or by 13 billion US dollars compared with the same period a year before.

26 августа 2013
Cancellation of Request for Applications (RFA) No. 002 dated November 26, 2012
The Regional Economic Cooperation (REC) Project is cancelling its request for applications (RFA) No.002 dated November 26,2012 for a $250,000 grant for a non-U.S. NGO to strengthen women-owned textile businesses in Central Asia due to the fact that all the proposals received by REC under this RFA were not technically sound and/or the applicant’s financial systems were not strong enough to manage this specific grant.

20 августа 2013
USAID’s forum boosts trade between Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan
Uzbek exporters will supply to Kazakhstan their horticultural products valued at more than $1 million as a result of the round table on Ways to Increase Trade between Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan, which was held in Almaty last week.

25 июля 2013
Entrepreneurs from Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan Increase Trade
More than 60 entrepreneurs and representatives of the governmental bodies of Kazakhstan, trade promotion agencies from Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan, and business associations will gather for a forum on Ways to Increase Trade Between Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan.

17 июля 2013
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