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USAID hosts a meeting of members of the Business Association of Women Entrepreneurs “ASIA”


Fifteen women-entrepreneurs, members of the ASIA Association from Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan and Afghanistan gathered in Almaty on April 29 to discuss the results of the grant project on expansion of economic opportunities and cooperation of women entrepreneurs of Central Asia and Afghanistan,  participate in a seminar “The state as a leverage to reveal economic opportunities for women entrepreneurs and discuss preliminary agenda of a women session within CATF VI.
When summing up the results of the grant project, Meruert Kazbekova, Member of the Parliament of Kazakhstan and President of the ASIA Association highlighted that over the course of the project more than 100 women entrepreneurs enhanced their knowledge and skills via capacity building trainings organized by the ASIA Association, more than 300 women participated in public events organized by the ASIA Association. Members of the ASIA Association signed letters of intent and memoranda of cooperation for more than $1 million to deliver goods and products produced by women owned/managed organizations, organize trainings, fairs, share information to jointly promote women entrepreneurship in the region.

The REC Project and the ASIA Association awarded the participants with diplomas and certificates of appreciation for successful implementation of the grant project, promotion of women entrepreneurship in the region and furthering gender equality policy.