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USAID supports introduction of innovation methods for developing transport and logistics


More than 40 representatives of ministries and agencies of Uzbekistan, transport and logistics companies, Central Asian business associations, and international organizations will gather on September 9-11, 2015 in Chimgan village, Tashkent region in the Avenue Park Hotel to take part in a training seminar and a roundtable on introducing innovative methods for developing transport.
Events participants will discuss prospective directions for developing transport and logistics, introducing innovative solutions and information technologies in transport and warehouse logistics, mobile technologies, and automating warehouse processes. In addition, participants will address improving Uzbekistan’s international ranking for doing business and its cross-border trade indicators.
WHO-                representatives of ministries and agencies of Uzbekistan, transport and logistics companies,                                                       business associations from Central Asia, and international organizations.
WHAT-              Training seminar: «Perspective Directions for Development of Transport and Logistics- Introduction of                                     Innovative Solutions and Information Technologies: International Practice». (Business-trainer: Lubomir Getov                             (Bulgaria)).
                          Round table: «Ways to Increase Efficiency of Transport and Logistics” («Doing Business on Trading Across                             Borders; Free Economic Zones and Their Role in Increasing Efficiency of Transport and Logistics;                                             Development of Transport Corridors)  (International Expert- Igor Artemiev, USA)
WHERE-            the Avenue Park Hotel, Chimgan village, Tashkent region
WHEN-              September 9-10, 2015, 9:00- 17:00—training seminar
                          September 11, 2015, 9:00- 16:30- round table
ORGANIZER-    USAID’s Regional Economic Cooperation (REC) Project in collaboration with the GIZ Trade Facilitation in                                 Central Asia Program
CONTACT         For more information and accreditation, please contact: Jakhongir Imamnazarov, Country Manager,                                           USAID/REC Project, tel.: 99871 238-99-06,   E-mail: