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Organic food can be a priority export niche for Kazakhstan - Issekeshev-- KAZINFORM


ASTANA. KAZINFORM "As the President said, Kazakhstan must export goods. We think that it is most likely to be agriculture, food, high-quality organic food. In this area, Kazakhstan can take a very serious gap, " Minister of Investments and Development Asset Issekeshev said at a briefing.
According to him, the country has all opportunities for that.
"We have chemistry, mechanical engineering, we are developing a space program, the IT sector will be developed seriously. But, in addition to uranium metal, fertilizers, I think, Kazakhstan, as a global player probably take a significant share especially in the area of organic agriculture including vegetable oil, meat, processing of fruits and vegetables, " the minister said.
At the same time, responding to questions from the media, Issekeshev informed that the inflow of investments in the manufacturing sector remained unchanged.

In this regard, the minister said that organic agriculture in Kazakhstan could also become one of the major sectors in order to attract investment.