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The ban on wood products export from Kazakhstan was lifted--


The ban on wood products export from Kazakhstan was lifted March 29, 2013

On April 6 of the current year the resolution of the Eurasian Economic Board Commission on cancellation of the ban for export of several kinds of lumber to third countries will enter the force. The ban has been in effect since 2005 and included goods from rough wood to woodworker constructions. In May 2012 the issue on lifting of ban was initiated by the KAZNEX INVEST agency upon request of the furniture and wood processing industry enterprises Association of Kazakhstan on the meeting with exporters Council, which was conducted by the Minister of Industry and New Technologies, Asset Issekeshev. Then the Members of the exporters Council have supported the expedience of partial abolishment of the ban to lumber export and have entrusted to the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade to prepare justified opinion of Kazakhstan regarding this issue for making final decision by the Eurasian Economic Board.

The joint work with experts from Ministry of Economic Development and Trade , Ministry of Industry and New Technologies, Ministry of Agriculture, KAZNEX INVEST and the Association of Wood Industry for West Kazakhstan region has allowed to define the list of commodity positions on which the ban ought to be lifted, also the list of commodities regarding which it was proposed to replace the ban for export with export customs duties taking into account the practice of application of manipulations with the codes of Commodities Nomenclature for External Economic Activity by unscrupulous participants of external economic activity. It is worth to note that, the coordinated opinion of Kazakhstan has been entirely taken into consideration and decisions were made by Eurasian Economic Board Commission. In that time the imposing ban on lumber export produced on the territory of Kazakhstan was an reluctant measure aimed at preservation of woodsy massifs. However, it has led to the stagnation of native wood processing.

Since beginning of 2009 the branch has begun to experience financial difficulties due to decreasing volumes of wood products sales. «From the point of view of trade and export stimulating, the ban on export is not the most efficient trade measure. Within the Custom Union, ban on lumber export was applied only regarding commodities originated from Kazakhstan, and its lifting is economically expedient as it has to create conditions for stimulating production growth of non-raw products in the appearance of semi-finished product, finished fabrics from wood and consequent selling of them in external markets. Taking into consideration growing demands of Central Asia countries and Afghanistan, Kazakhstani wood manufacturers will have an opportunity to establish own products delivery to these markets», - commented Anar Berdenova, Director of the Export Development Department of KAZNEX INVEST.